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What are the benefits of raspberries?

Antioxidant, diuretic, tonic … Raspberry is a small red fruit that contains a multitude of health benefits. Its consumption helps in particular to reduce constipation and to regulate intestinal transit.

The full raspberry season is from June to September. To the taste, this small red fruit is sweet and suave. Raspberries grow on small thorny shrubs that consist of green leaves and long stems. They are often found around forests or edges where they can be cultivated in the wild. Raspberries are part of the Rosaceae family which brings together around 3,400 different species.

In herbal medicine, the leaves and young shoots of raspberries are regularly used for their health benefits. The leaves contain tannins, flavonoids, lignans, and organic acid, among others. As for fruits, they are rich in vitamin C, essential for the body.

What are the virtues of raspberries?

The sweet flavor of raspberries is not its only asset – it also has excellent health benefits. The raspberry bud has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant role. As for raspberry leaves, they notably have an effect:

  • tonic
  • diuretic
  • astringent, which means they dry out tissue and promote wound healing
  • anti-oxidant

Raspberries also have good nutritional values. In addition to having a certain water content (86.8g / 100g), its consumption also allows you to fill up with minerals because raspberries are rich in potassium (170mg / 100g) and magnesium (20mg / 100g). Vitamin A is also present in large quantities in raspberries (100µg / 100G). Also called beta-carotene, this vitamin is essential for cell growth, vision, and renewal. Raspberries also contain vitamin K1, vitamin C, and vitamin B9.

Raspberries, an ally against skin aging

Consuming raspberries can benefit from its anti-aging effects. Its antioxidant power combined with its richness in vitamin C makes it possible in particular to slow down the premature aging of the body’s cells. Raspberries also appear to prevent risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and liver.

Raspberry: this red fruit would act on prediabetes

Prediabetes is the step ahead of diabetes. It is characterized by various manifestations such as frequent and recurring thirst, chronic cystitis, strong waist circumference, or even high fasting blood sugar (the concentration of glucose in the blood). Unlike diabetes, prediabetes is reversible. When you change your eating habits or lifestyle, it is possible to have normal blood sugar levels again and avoid the risk of diabetes.

In 2019, researchers conducted a study on prediabetes and how to prevent it. In their research, published in the journal Obesity, they found that consuming raspberries had a positive effect in people with prediabetes.

For the purposes of the study, scientists recruited 32 participants between the ages of 20 and 60. They then divided them into two groups: 21 volunteers were prediabetic and 11 were healthy and made up a control group. The subjects had to eat three breakfasts over three days. On the first day, no raspberries were added to the meal. At the second breakfast, the scientists offered 65g of raspberries. For the last meal, they supplemented breakfast with 130g of raspberries.

To analyze the effects of the three meals, a blood test was taken 24 hours after each breakfast. Results: the consumption of raspberries reduced the spikes in blood sugar after meals in people with prediabetes.

Raspberries and their high fiber content

Fibers are present in large quantities in a raspberry, especially in the small grains located inside the red fruit. Dietary fiber promotes the proper functioning of the intestines. Eating raspberries, therefore, helps speed up intestinal transit and fight against constipation. However, for people with a fragile digestive system, it is better to avoid consuming raspberries regularly.

Raspberry, a powerful diuretic

A diuretic is a substance that increases the production and elimination of urine. Raspberries are powerful diuretics. They can relieve people affected by fluid retention and prevent small edema.

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