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The Most Beautiful Women Of All Time

We are sure people will never agree on who the most gorgeous woman in history is. Let us not forget that this was the same question that allegedly started the Trojan War! However, there are a number of ladies who we bet you also find stunning. Here are our picks – we’ll let you pick out your own answer!

50.  Kerry Washington:  American actress and political activist

TOP 50 most beautiful women in the world

Best known for her roles in Ray (2004), Fantastic Four (2005), and Django Unchained , directed by Quentin Tarantino (2012). In the spring of 2011,  Shonda Rhimes invited Washington to star in her television series Scandal . In this role, Washington made history as the first black actress in 38 years to star in a drama series on American television. Washington is a political activist and was a strong supporter of US presidential candidate  Barack Obama  in 2008.

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