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Great news for gamers!

The next time your parents tell you to turn off the Sims or The Witcher and do something useful, you can safely mention an experiment recently conducted by scientists from Spain – they proved that video games develop cognitive abilities in humans!

The experiment involved 27 volunteers no older than 40 years old, who played Super Mario 64 for 10 days. Half of them had no gaming experience, while others, on the contrary, were practically professional gamers, whose cognitive abilities were at a high level, and some participants were completely exposed to TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), which was supposed to improve their memory and skills.

The result amazed the researchers: it turns out that in 10 days people without gaming experience are able to develop cognitive abilities to the level of seasoned players! And TMS, as it turned out, did not have a strong effect on the brain of the test subjects.

Scientists clarify that for the completeness of the experiment, it is necessary to conduct additional experiments, but the fact remains: people who love video games have excellent quick thinking and a good memory – another reason for pride! 😉

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