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5 health benefits of vinegar

Used as a natural remedy since the ancient Greeks, it enjoys such a reputation that science is beginning to take a keen interest in it.

It fights excess sugar

A study conducted in people with type 2 diabetes has shown that vinegar (from cider, wine, etc.) could be an ally of choice for lowering blood sugar. It appears that the acetic acid it contains slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and increases the absorption of glucose. The amount of sugar in the blood would, therefore, be less after a meal containing a little vinegar.

In the mouth, he does the cleaning

In some people, the mouth is too acidic, favorable to gingivitis (inflammation of the oral mucosa). However, once assimilated by the metabolism, vinegar softens this acidity. It can, therefore, be used as a rinsing product, after washing your teeth in the evening. As long as it is used punctually and always diluted: two tablespoons of organic cider vinegar in half a glass of water. It also decreases the production of tartar but endangers the enamel in too frequent doses.

It compresses the pain

Its soothing properties act on aches, back pain sprains … You can choose to pour a little apple cider vinegar in your bath (with Epsom salt to enhance its effects), or to apply it directly with a cotton cloth or a compress, in case of joint pain for example.

It calms our overflows!

People who feel bloated or are prone to aerophagia may turn to him. It has an overall effect on digestion (which it stimulates) and certain digestive disorders (which it alleviates), in particular on flatulence.

He watches over our line

According to a recent study carried out in overweight or obese people, apple cider vinegar could indeed have a – slight – slimming effect if we also reduce caloric intake. In particular, it would provide a feeling of satiety earlier.

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