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10 exercises to tone your legs and glutes that you can do on the stairs of your house

Climbing the stairs has excellent health benefits. This aerobic exercise improves your cardiovascular abilities and lung capacity, building resistance and strength in different parts of the body, which are sometimes difficult to work out in the gym. A 40 minute workout three times a week will help us stay in shape.

Cake HD teaches you the types of exercises you can do on the stairs to tone your glutes, legs, and other parts of your body.

Exercise 1: warm-up and rhythm

Go up and down the stairs twice, walking or trotting slowly to warm up the body and activate those muscles that have been asleep for a long time. Depending on how you feel, repeat these exercises twice and if you have good resistance, you can repeat them up to five times. Remember to take water with you and take a break if you feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Exercise 2: climb the stairs two by two

It is like a breeze and the only thing you have to do is climb the stairs two by two with your feet  horizontal , following your pace and being careful not to trip. In this case, you can do it while running or walking, in any case you will carry out the activity perfectly and you will spend calorie reserves.

Exercise 3: jump the stairs

Stand in front of the steps with your feet apart, bend your knees slightly and begin to jump on each of the steps while you hold your arms out in front. In this way, you will work the quadriceps and the glutes. Remember to do this two or three times, depending on your physical condition. When you’re done, stretch to soothe your muscles and avoid pain.

Exercise 4: climb sideways

This exercise is much easier because you won’t have to run. Here you will have to climb the stairs with the right side of the body, climbing one foot after the other, and uniting them on each step. If the steps are very narrow and you exercise very quickly, you risk losing your balance. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an intermediate speed that allows you to perform the exercise well without suffering an accident.

Exercise 5: walk simply

Going up the stairs at your own pace is also a good exercise. You have to take into account that people often go up or downstairs in unforeseen situations, so the requirement will depend on your desires. However, riding at a  rapid pace and repeatedly works for our purpose.

Exercise 6: arm curls

Stairs are great support for doing crunches, as you rest your palms on the floor. In this way, you will significantly work other parts of the body: shoulders, triceps, and pectorals. Depending on the angle of the position, this exercise may be easier and less painful. It is recommended to do 20 flexes three times.

Exercise 7: go down the stairs at your own pace

Stairs weren’t just designed to climb them. There is another sporty option, not very recurrent but very effective for strengthening the legs: descend by jumping or walking quickly each step. This activity works the calves and it is also a pleasant time to be able to rest and relax the muscles.

Exercise 8: stand on one leg

This exercise is more difficult because it involves climbing each step on one foot. The ideal is to do this by alternating the legs, and to repeat the exercise at least ten times for each leg.

Exercise 9: Go up with a kick back (glutes)

Kicking back up the stairs helps strengthen the glutes. In this exercise, you have to step up a step with your foot, keep your balance and with the other leg kick back. Although it is an exhausting exercise, the results on the lower part of the body are surprising.

Exercise 10: dips with the arms on the stairs

As we said earlier, stairs have great potential that we can take advantage of to perform multiple exercises. Thus, performing dips is not strange and will allow us to improve the upper part of our body, especially the arms and shoulders. Here we have to put our backs to the stairs and support our hands on the steps, bringing the arms back and stretching the legs. Then we will bend the elbows and lower the pelvis until it touches the floor. This way we will complete an exercise routine for different parts of the body and keep in shape!

Performance, energy and better state of mind

Going up the stairs isn’t something a lot of people do, unless the elevator is out of order. When we are not used to it and take a steep walk, our breathing quickens and we tire quickly. However, with a little consistency and goals, we can achieve the desired pace for the activity and enjoy its benefits, not forgetting the reasons why we carry it out:

  • To improve our health
  • Abandon sedentarism
  • Perform an easy and free exercise
  • Benefit the mind and body, with a balanced diet
  • Let go of the excesses that often prevent us from working to our full potential.

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